7 thoughts on “My column in the Press Herald today”

  1. But all of those traditions pointed in the same direction, to a powerful Creator and a loving Jesus, one who made us and forgives us, the other who taught us how to be loved and how to show it to others.
    I love this description of who God and Jesus are.

  2. Wow. Just wow.
    The part about growing up in a more open-minded home being a help or not–I’ve thought that too, about my kids, and about my (perhaps) failure to pass on to them what I believe, despite my line of work. And wondered how much of it is a product of the age our kids have grown up in, too?

  3. Just read this. I’m feeling a bit sore of heart today, for many reasons, so maybe that’s why I’m crying. So sorry about your loss of yet another good dog. And believing with you, best I can, that somehow or other, one day…it will make sense.

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