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Friday Five: Pie-ola!!!

Maple pumpkin pie As posted by yours truly at RevGalBlogPals

We had three pies planned for a six-person Thanksgiving dinner, and there was some anxiety on my part about the need one had for gluten-free crusts. I worried, you see, that we would have pies no one liked, or run out of the one "good" pie (you know, with gluten). There was a last-minute trip to buy more pie crust that failed (sold out!). Then early on Thanksgiving morning, the phone rang. It was my neighbor, saying she wanted to bring something over. It was a beautiful maple pumpkin pie!

Now we were all set.

Later in the day, the doorbell rang unexpectedly. Someone said, "It's a pie delivery!"

And sure enough, it was a relative stopping by, and he had a pecan pie for us. Pie-ola!!!

Please answer these five questions about pie:

1) Are pies an important part of a holiday meal?

They are essential to Thanksgiving. I grew up with pies at Christmas, too, but I confess to being more open-minded about Christmas desserts. Pecan was the favorite pie of the adults in my childhood, and I was excited when that was the pie that appeared on my doorstep yesterday. Delicious! And as my son pointed out, we ended up with .83 pies per person, which was perhaps more than absolutely required, but delightful, nonetheless.

2) Men prefer pie; women prefer cake. Discuss. 

I ask this because it's a common belief in my family. I do love cake, and my menfolk have loved pie. For me, I guess it depends on the kind of pie in question.

3) Cherries–do they belong in a pie? 

One of the offerings at our Thanksgiving was a cherry pie made with cherries grown in the pie maker's backyard. That's okay. But those scary super-red cherries in the syrupy stuff? Ick.

4) Meringue–if you have to choose, is it best on lemon or chocolate?

Chocolate pie is one of those things that almost always sounds like a better idea than it actually turns out to be, at least in my experience. Meringue puzzles me. It breaks away from the thing it's on so easily. I guess this goes back to the pie/cake debate. I like a topping that stays ON. But on the whole, I like meringue better on lemon than chocolate.

5) In a chicken pie, what are the most compatible vegetables? Anything you don't like to find in a chicken pie?

I love carrots in a chicken pie, and potatoes, too. After living for many years with various people who were pea-phobic, I recently ate a chicken pot pie with peas, and I found I enjoyed them. 

I hope everyone who reads this got to eat the pie of her or his dreams! We had three different kinds of pumpkin pie, but the best was the one in the graham cracker crust (my preference).

Our pies:

Thanksgiving 032


9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Pie-ola!!!”

  1. they all look delicious, but I would really enjoy a slice of the maple pumpkin! Never had that before! Great FF.

  2. They do look lovely! Pies are no part of our holiday tradition, though – well, apart from mince pies, which are a little different, as they are individually-sized and double-crust. But for our Christmas dinner (no Thanksgiving here, of course, so turkey is eaten at Christmas), one eats Christmas pudding; a steamed pudding full of dried fruit, alcohol and sometimes nuts, very rich and very bad for one. Served, traditionally, with brandy butter – butter into which icing sugar and a judicious (or otherwise!) measure of brandy has been mixed.

  3. Hmm…pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust. I should try that, then I could have a true complete homemade pie. Although I’m not sure crushing up graham crackers counts….

  4. Yummy pies. Pecan pie was always my dad’s favorite and then my eldest son’s. In fact his wife had never had pecan pie until being at our house! I don’t like meringue pies and prefer whipped cream instead.

  5. As a child of the South, I find I prefer my grandmother’s lemon and chocolate meringue pies. Her meringue never separated from the pie filling (a lesson I never learned). My sadness is that my Maine husband and family prefer apple pie, so a piece of either meringue is a treat for me. Now Grandma’s Fruitcake is another story! Christmas memories abound through that fruitcake!

  6. Those pies are all beautiful! Sad to say, of the six people at our Thanksgiving table, two were diabetic and two others don’t eat nuts, so the pecan pie we love (with our own pecans, of course) is on hold until Christmas. I enjoyed playing tonight, thanks.

  7. They look delicious. I am wondering which one was the gluten free option. I haven’t tried to bake a “pie” since my husband was diagnosed 3 years ago. In the UK we call a pie one with a pastry top, and the ones in your photo we would call a tart. I take it they were good!!

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