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It's pretty sad around here without Sam. 

(This is a ginormous understatement, you might even say a Bernese Mountain Dog-sized understatement.)

People have been very, very kind, in blog comments and Facebook and Twitter responses and via email and in person. The choir at church gave LP and me a copy of Cynthia Rylant's "Dog Heaven," inscribed with dear, loving thoughts. 

So in the midst of this grief, I want to name some things for which I'm thankful:

  • Community
  • Hugs
  • Friends in the neighborhood
  • Friends far away
  • Friends from far away who have gotten themselves into the neighborhood
  • Friends' Dogs
  • Dog Friends
  • Photos by people who know how to take them
  • Photos by us, even the ones taken with cell phones
  • Two 15-year-old cats who still need our attention
  • One 15-year-old girl 
  • Two young men whose love was palpable even from afar
  • Memories that make me smile

Yesterday I saw a friend's two dogs wrassling, as we used to call it, and I remembered Molly and Sam lying on the rug, showing each other their great big dog teeth, or spinning each other in a circle, their mouths on opposite ends of a big stick. I remember Sam getting between Molly and various attractive Chows, her favorite breed by far. He had a mission, to keep her out of trouble!

I'm thankful to have lived with these blessed dogs, to be blessed by them. 

6 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. Songbird–I missed the news of Sam’s passing. I’m so very sorry, friend. Prayers for you, for Sam (the good and faithful servant), and all who loved him…

  2. May those wonderful memories sustain you as you get adjusted to life without Sam and Molly. Sending a really long, warm hug to you today. Can you feel it? :c)

  3. I was guest preaching last week, and learned that the pastor’s family had just lost a dog friend of some 15 years. And so we prayed for all those who had lost their beloved companions in the past week, of whom you were one.

  4. As always, love and hugs flowing this way. I found a few old pics on my new phone (?), one of Sam and you at the Farmer’s Market and one of the beautiful LP at the coast…and sent them on. Hope they will make you smile.

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