At the Beginning of a Long Day

LP and I are trying to figure out how to get to Staples for necessary supplies. This is her second full day of 10th grade, so theoretically she will know what sorts of binders, notebooks, dividers and writing implements will be required. I have boundary training from 9 to 12, meetings at 6 and 7, and a blank space between that needs to include a pastoral call, lunch and dinner, checking in on Sam Dog and the trip to Staples.
Me: Why don't I text you if I can pick you up at school? Check your phone before you get on the bus.
LP: Okay.
(15 minutes layer in the car)
Me: Do you have your phone?
LP: I guess I'll get the bus and meet you at home.
Me: I guess.

8 thoughts on “At the Beginning of a Long Day”

  1. Last night at our first confirmation class, an 8th grader accused me (somewhat joking, somewhat serious) of wanting to ‘ruin her social life’ because I took away all cell phones and ipods for the hour of class. I think it’s refreshing that LP is not so tied to her phone! (Though I also understand the frustration of you not being able to get in touch with her during your busy day!)

  2. we live too close to school for the bus part otherwise that *so* could be a conversation with either child playing the non-phone bearing part

  3. For future reference: Staples (and OfficeDept and OfficeMax) have free next-day delivery on orders of $50 and more. It’s great for times when you don’t need the items the same day. I know about this because there are no Staples in my area – and I’m not fond of the local ODs & OMs – so I order from them a lot.

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