Book #26: The Duke’s Children

I am happy to report I achieved my goal of finishing the Palliser novels by Anthony Trollope by the end of August, with two days to spare! These eighty chapter tomes were all read on my Kindle, and I have said this before, but there is no better bargain than classic collections on Kindle. I will probably go back and read the Barchester Chronicles at some point, but I'm going to take a Trollope sabbatical for now and stick with shorter books as I go back to work. 

One thing I made a point of doing was avoiding work-related books while on this unplanned break from ministry. It's good to remember to do that!

The final Palliser volume began with the death of my favorite character, which almost made me want to quit, but I stayed with it. There was more romance than anything else, but a lot of interesting writing about what makes a person care about heritage and family standards at the same time he is a confirmed intellectual and political liberal. 

I've already started reading my next Kindle book, "Homicide: a Year on the Killing Streets," by David Simon, the book that gave birth to the Best TV Show Ever, Homicide: Life on the Street. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that even though I was a fan of the show back in the day, I never read Simon's book. But after watching the first two seasons of "The Wire" with Snowman, and having promised to wait until he's home on a break to watch the following seasons, I need some other David Simon source. 

It was a good summer for reading, just hope I can continue in this vein even after I'm working again, especially given I have a number of books in the queue that could be very helpful at church.

3 thoughts on “Book #26: The Duke’s Children”

  1. I’m in the middle of The Duke’s Children right now. When I finish, it will be #30 on the year. So, yeah, pick up some shorties and pass me!
    The Barset books are better. Mostly. I think. But I love them all.

  2. good for you! esp. on reading non-ministry books in the break!
    I’m so far behind, but I keep tellling myself, I’m reading some interesting books, anyway.

  3. Great job finishing up the series! And if you find some fun shorties let me know, because all I’m doing right now is reading for work and the creative side of brain would like some time too.

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