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Memories, Memories Friday Five

As posted by Sally at RevGalBlogPals:

This year Tim and I have planted and nurtured a vegetable garden, and I have just spent the morning preparing vegetables and soups for the freezer, our veggie garden is producing like crazy and it is hard to keep up with, that said it'll be worth it for a little taste of summer in the middle of winter :-). That got me thinking of the things I treasure, memories are often more valuable than possessions. How about you, can you share:

  1.   A treasured memory from childhood? Here's a huge favorite. When I was about 10, my dad was asked to appear on Captain Kangaroo. To most ten-year-olds, that might have been embarrassing, but I LOVED the Captain, had been an avid viewer as a little girl. It was the Captain's Americana week, in which he took the cast and crew to Washington, D.C. My dad was the Junior Senator from Virginia, and was known as a Jeffersonian Democrat, and so he was asked to talk to the Captain about our third President. They taped the audio at my daddy's office, but the two of them were filmed walking all around the Jefferson Memorial, and I was thrilled to be allowed a day off from school to watch the action.
  2.   A teenage memory? My father was invited to participate in Harvard's Salzburg Seminar, in a three-week legal seminar for 30 or 40 young lawyers from all over Europe, teaching alongside other law school deans and then-Justice Rehnquist. Our whole family stayed at the Schloss Leopoldskron, one of the locations used for the filming of "The Sound of Music." I was 18, had just finished my first year of college, and I had a boyfriend at home who I adored. He researched what it would cost to call me for three minutes, found it was $10, got a roll of quarters and rode his bike to a pay phone, so his mother would never know. A ridiculous number of people knew about the phone call coming for me, because the operator called ahead of time to warn us, and I was generally thrilled both by his attention and theirs. (And if it was complicated further by the attentions of the backpacking best friend of the son of one of the other law school deans, well, we were all younger then, right?)
  3.   A young adult memory? Oh, dear. When I was #1 Son's age, hard as it is to believe now, I gave birth to him. I remember when he was placed in my arms, and we looked into each other's eyes, I understood for the first time why people believe in reincarnation, because I felt we had known each other forever.
  4.   A memory from this summer? This will long be remembered as the summer of discernment. It was a gift to go so many places and meet so many people and ponder ministry in many different settings. I'll never forget saying, "Whether I come here or not, I'll know this visit mattered if I look at your website next year and see you are doing ______," a statement about a possible local mission project that excited many around the table.
  5.   A memory you hope to have? My three children together again this year, the sooner the better!

Bonus- a song that sums up one of those memories:

5 thoughts on “Memories, Memories Friday Five”

  1. wow – some very cool memories there !
    plus the fun of reminiscing i’d say (:
    i felt the same ‘knowing’ of my firstborn as you described – thanks for reminding me !

  2. As a fellow Virginian and Captain Kangaroo devotee, I think that childhood memory is AWESOME! 🙂

  3. I watched Captain Kangaroo willingly when I was in traction for a week the beginning of my sophomore year in high school. Please don’t tell my kids.

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