Book #20: The Eustace Diamonds

Lizzie Fawn She's ever such a bad girl, that Lizzie Eustace.

I'm on #3 of Anthony Trollope's Palliser novels, The Eustace Diamonds, which centers on the escapades of Lady Eustace, a young widow in possession of a very expensive diamond necklace. Although aspects of the book are disturbing (Trollope's anti-semitism as expressed in descriptions of the clergyman, Mr. Emilius, being the chief among them), the story overall portrays three young women and their relationships with men they may or may not marry, told in and around two legal cases about the Eustace diamonds.

I remember my father loved the Palliser novels, and I would imagine this was a favorite for its descriptions of the lawyers, especially.

I'm going to take a Palliser break, because the books are VERY long, and I feel it's time to breeze through a book with something fewer than eighty chapters. I'll be on a bit of a break in August, where work is concerned, so I hope to pick up the pace of my reading!

4 thoughts on “Book #20: The Eustace Diamonds”

  1. She is bad! She shows up again later, but not center stage.
    I’ve got 24 books in. Better hurry or I’ll lap you! 😀


  2. Just read a short but very engaging book: The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa.
    Short means one long afternoon of reading when I didn’t have to make supper.
    Just in case you’re looking for recommendations.


  3. Thanks for the suggestion! Though I believe I’m on double secret probation where book-buying is concerned, at least until I’m earning a living again. Don’t worry, because I have quite a pile assembled, and a Kindle-full, too.


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