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Gormanzee (or, My Son the Actor, Working Again)

It’s possible this is a little weird for most of you — maybe for me, too — but I am proud of #1 Son and his creative work as an actor. He’s on stage again in NYC, July 7-25 at The Flea Theater. Still trying to figure out a way to get there myself, but it seems unlikely.

4 thoughts on “Gormanzee (or, My Son the Actor, Working Again)”

  1. Hmmmmm……
    I am also proud of your boy and his creative work as an actor… but I’m kinda glad I went to see him in Chekov.

  2. Oh, that is fabulous. As in Gorilla, Man, Chimpanzee?? Fabulous. Yay for these creative adult children!

  3. HAHAHA, I love this! And I love the tech that makes it possible for it to be shared this way. 🙂
    Yay for #1 Son!
    ps: and I’m sad that that thing can’t (apparently) ride the bus.

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