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A thing of beauty


I thought the announcements were over, and I was ready to move us on to the Introit, when a dear person stood up and said words kinder than I would dare to quote, and three women came forward and presented me with this stole.

Many hands made it, many clever and loving hands. 

(They included knitting!!!!) 

One of the sad things about doing interim ministry is saying goodbye so often. But one of the sweet things is that since you're leaving, people tell you, or show you, how they feel about you.

I have a month to go at Y1P, but since it's summer and some of the hands involved will be out of town, I go this gift in plenty of time to say thank you more than once.

Which I am already doing.

I hear it looked great in the pulpit!

Thank you, thank you, to all who took part in creating it. I will wear it with fond memories of my time among you.

Here's a close-up of a pair of flowers:


7 thoughts on “A thing of beauty”

  1. beautiful indeed! and will hold so many fond memories for you every time you wear it. A gift that will keep on giving, so to speak.

  2. What a special and loving gift!! For a special and loving pastor!
    You are so right about interim ministry – the good byes are often hard. But I’ve come to view that as good thing – I honored the congregation and this unsettled time in their life, and they appreciated the gifts and skills I brought. That eases the sorrow for me.
    Enjoy wearing the stole!

  3. Oh, so beautiful and so clearly made with love for YOU. Thanks for sharing it here.

  4. It’s truly a love offering of the finest kind. What a great tribute to your ministry among and with them!

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