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Off Road

Snowman left yesterday for a summer job at Land O'Lakes Arts Center. Two friends picked him up at an airport along their route, and the three continued on together. When a deer ran into their path, the young driver swerved, and the car went off the road. 

The convertible.

With the top down.

The car flipped, and despite a seatbelt clinging hard enough to bruise him, the force of the accident threw him from the car. 

Many things flew out of the car, suitcases and wallets and eyeglasses and cell phones and clarinets. Even a cello, in its impressively fashioned protective case, flew out of the car.

And with those things went my boy.

Snowman hurtled out of the car.

Oh my God! He *hurtled* out of the car.

In shock, cared for by a nurse who happened upon the scene and bundled him in blankets, he made the journey via ambulance to an emergency room, where medical staff checked him for every kind of thing you can imagine: broken this and lacerated that, internal injuries and external disasters.

How can it be possible that he is only bruised? Yes, the bruises are "serious," and he must rest and elevate his legs, but how can it be possible? How is he not lost to us?

A friend asked, "Did he see the angel that caught him?"

I have trouble with theology that says God purposely protected this person or that one, because it suggests a divinely cavalier attitude toward so many other people not encased in metaphysical bubble wrap.

But for today–and probably for some time to come–I am grateful, thankful, relieved.

Today, I believe in miracles.

(The driver climbed out and walked away; the other passenger required stitches in one of his two cut knees.)

27 thoughts on “Off Road”

  1. Stopped breathing there for a few seconds.
    I am so glad your son is okay. I’m so glad his friends are okay.
    I. Am. So. Glad.

  2. I was going to say exactly what Liz said. So very thankful that everyone is ok.

  3. Wow. I guess I can breathe now.
    I struggle with the same questions you, but here, all I can say is Thanks be to God.

  4. Oh my! How hard to be the mom, miles and miles away, even with the diagnosis of serious bruises.

  5. Oh my goodness. How horrific. And what a miracle. Praise be!

  6. Oh So ngbird my heart almost stopped. I am SO glad your boy is alright. And I agree about the bubble-wrap theology. And now, let’s just take our miracles where we find them.

  7. Songbird, relief for you and your family. Prayers for quick physical healing and comfort for the spiritual and emotional turmoil that follows an event like this.

  8. So, so glad he’s okay…I feel like I should write that over and over. I’m so, so glad he’s okay.

  9. Echoing all the statements previously…so glad he’s okay! So glad they are ALL okay!

  10. Wow! I was holding my breath, reading, just like everyone else. So glad you are writing about what must be some fierce bruises instead of things much worse.

  11. I pray you are sleeping, finally. And I too am so relieved and thankful. An angel, indeed.

  12. (o)
    The 140 character limit made the safe final outcome sound more assured than the fuller version here. No words, just huge gratitude, whatever we make of what was going on as they were protected.

  13. That all three are safe is amazing and wonderful, miracle or otherwise.

  14. There aren’t words to express that “floor dropping out from under you” feeling when a mom gets that kind of news. Am so glad that snowman and his friends are okay. And I hope the moms retrieve equilibrium quickly.

  15. What everybody else said. The moment when you pick up the phone and every part of you goes absolutely still, your heart in your throat, . . . . and then, oh then, the absolute joy and relief that comes with the news that there are no serious injuries!! My prayers are with all of you for quick recoveries, physical and emotional.

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