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What I’m Praying

I realize that my blog friends may wonder why I've been unusually quiet. It's because I'm engaged in a job search, and I can't write about it in this public forum. 

But I think I can tell you about what I've been praying, for some time now.

When I first went to visit Andover Newton in 1992, the text used in worship was Isaiah 6. It was the first time I sang, "Here I Am, Lord," and the text and the hymn inspired me throughout seminary.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I; send me!” (Isaiah 6:8, NRSV)

But all I really assented to was going to seminary. I had my fingers crossed about whatever was coming next. I hoped, hoped, hoped I could be faithful to God's calling without disarranging other lives, or having people be upset with me. 

Despite that tendency, which has absolutely continued, about six months ago, I started praying, almost without meaning to, "Here am I; send me."

I'm still praying, "Send me," and trusting that the rest will sort itself out, in God's time, in God's way. 

Your prayers appreciated.

14 thoughts on “What I’m Praying”

  1. You’ve got them! In the meantime…book recommendation: Tattoos on the Heart by Greg Boyle. Not to be missed.

  2. That hymn was sung at a funeral for a retired UCC minister I barely knew…and I totally lost it. I had stuggled for a very long time, fighting the call I felt but wanted so badly to ignore. This hymn was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, and 3 weeks later I enrolled in classes to pursue licensed lay ministry.
    1 semester now from completion and I still have no idea why I am being called, nothing is obvious, everything feels fuzzy and uncomfortable, and yet that hymn plays over and over again in my head at the darkest moments.
    Glad to know somenone I respect so much also finds meaning in that.

  3. Prayers ascend that all will work out just as it is supposed to. ;c) Looking forward to hearing about it either way. HUGS!

  4. it is such a tough time when seeking the next place… the next call… may your prayers be surely answered and may you be lead to the next great place!

  5. I will be in the same place a year from now- it’s exciting and daunting, all at the same time. Prayers for you that you know God’s plan, and that God’s wishes be your wishes.

  6. That is exactly the song and phrase that inspired and accompanied me as I discerned my call to priesthood, seminary and forward.
    You are in my prayers…and all shall be well, all manner of things shall be well.

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