Book #17: Phineas Finn

In short, I love the Palliser novels, but they are ridiculously long. I am going to continue on to the next one on my Kindle, but when books have 77 chapters, you can't buzz through them. I was committed to finishing Phineas Finn before reading other books, with the result that I've read one book this month. I am off my pace! Way off. Moving on to other topics and styles of writing in hopes of picking up the pace.

Of course, I am only competing with myself…

4 thoughts on “Book #17: Phineas Finn”

  1. I have all this time and am hardly reading at all. In part because I have two books on my nightstand – one, Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver just hasn’t captured my attention, so it’s slooow going. The other, Night by Elie Weisel, is one that I think I should read during the day, not before bed. I expect it will be disturbing. I hope you reach a pace that works for you!

  2. Wait! I thought you were competing with me! No?
    Ok, whew.
    As you know, I’ve been on a Trollope kick for over a year now. All the Barset books first and now all the Pallisers. I’ve got one more Palliser left. I’m saving it for a while.
    I liked the Barset books better, but I have enjoyed the Pallisers quite a lot, too. You’ve still got some real goodies ahead of you!

  3. I’m feeling the same about the Wheel of Time series right now. Working on book 7 of 11 and slogging a bit at the moment. Thank goodness it’s summer and TV shows are off, for the most part!

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