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Pretty, pretty

Molly's flowers 003 Six months after Molly left us, I wrote about planting a rhododendron in the backyard above her ashes. LP and I carefully chose the shrub, and we managed to gather the whole family together on the day to say the last goodbye. Now it's spring, and I watched with eagerness the progress of the little rhododendron, sheltered by an upended laundry hamper all winter, in case of heavy snow. We bought one labeled as white, but when the blossoms appeared closed, they looked pink instead.

I told LP, and she said, "It's okay. Molly was a girly girl."

We chose the white, you see, because of her pretty, pretty paws, white at the tips.

Eventually, the blossoms opened, and now we see they really are white, but not bright white. They have that hint of pink, and it is pretty, pretty.

Molly's flowers 001

11 thoughts on “Pretty, pretty”

  1. awww…as I watch my sweet old girl get older and older I sometimes think about the day she will no longer be with us. That will be a sad day indeed. I hope I am someplace where I can plant something to remember her by. This is sweet, what you have done for Molly. And, yes, pretty, too.


  2. (o)
    Indeed it is, just like Molly.
    One of my garden projects for this month is to replace the white begonias I planted around my girls’ graves (they froze, then tried to come back, then Lena trampled them).


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