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Checking In

A Bird with BraidsI have not abandoned ship.

I had a great time on the cruise, but came home with a sore shoulder and arm (RA-related) that make typing unattractive.

I may be looking at a cortisone shot, which honestly I would rather avoid, because the last one hurt and made me faint, which seems ridiculously Victorian.

I got a little sun and some little braids with beads at the end.

I’m hoping to leave them in a little longer.

One attendee said I looked just like my cartoon girl, and that pleased me.

The sock I finished

I brought my knitting, and I finished the sock in this picture and actually made the heel turn on its mate before my shoulder started to hurt for unrelated reasons.

Sam was anxious in my absence and did not enjoy staying at the dog walker’s house.

LP had a good break and got in the habit of staying up far too late.

I attended the Association meeting yesterday, which was a half-day of work, but true re-entry comes tomorrow.

This blog post cannot contain the joy I felt at being with RevGal friends. I love them so much!

Sun and sea and sky healed and strengthened my spirit.

The program on hospitality opened me up to new possibilities.

I hope you had a good week, too. More soon.

For now, here’s the view from the deck where kathrynzj and I played Scrabble, but didn’t keep score.

Yes, I was that relaxed.

Nassau View

8 thoughts on “Checking In”

  1. Love the hair beads!! Glad it was everything you needed it to be, and more. :c)

  2. i too loved your beads! sorry to hear the RA acted up– i hope that eases up sooner than later. may your re-entry be blessed!

  3. Glad for all of this, especially new possibilities, and to see you smiling! Wonderful, and grand about the not keeping score. I could play you that way. 🙂
    love love love.

  4. Sounds amazing. I’m glad you had a great time. I say keep the braids as long as you can, they can remind you of being relaxed 🙂
    And scrabble without keeping score? I think I’d need a sedative!

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