A letter from Miss Anne De Bourgh

For Honors English class, LP had to choose a classic to read and then design and carry out a creative project related to it. The book was Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and here is a photo of part of the finished product, a letter from Miss Anne De Bourgh to her cousin.

(Yes, this is bragging.)

April 2010 002 


7 thoughts on “A letter from Miss Anne De Bourgh”

  1. You have a right to brag! It’s wonderful when our kids provide us with legitimate bragging rights!

  2. This is cool– I showed it to Petra, who also loved it!
    Just to clarify (it’s been years since I read it)… is the secret suitor of Miss Anne de Bourgh LP’s invention? Or is it in the book?
    Well done, young woman!

  3. There’s no actual secret suitor. I believe Anne was describing the *sort* of man she would prefer, if she were to marry. Anyway, it’s all LP’s invention.

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