Hear Me Roar

We frequently get water in the basement of this old house when it rains. It runs across the floor and down a drain. I give thanks for the drain. Not too long ago, however, the drain backed up, and Pure Luck had to pull roots out of it. I ended up doing a bit of that myself, but it seems to be running well now. 

However, I didn't realize the standing water from that earlier event extended into the one walled-off space in our basement. We've used it for storage, for the kinds of things you can't decide what to do with, so you put them somewhere never to look at them until you move. Or have a yard sale. Or have a flood. 

That stuff is wet, or some of it is, and so is the wallboard in that thrown up corner room. I'm not sure why anyone ever thought it was a good idea to wall off that space. It happened before our time. And I'm pretty sure it's going to have to come down now.

Laughing lion mug

Naturally, I'm discovering this when the house is populated by yours truly, a 14-year-old girl, a dog and two cats. I guess I'm going to have to take it one section at a time and do as much as I can by myself. I've got bags and bags to put out in the trash tomorrow. I expect there will be even more next week. 

Most of what's down there is not anything I cared about keeping, but I just found the box my mother's wedding dress is in, and it has a damp corner. The plastic around the box had broken away. It was not directly on the floor, and honestly I hadn't even thought about it. I hope I can have it cleaned and boxed again. If so, it's going straight to our small attic!

I can do this. 

I am woman. 

Hear me roar!

11 thoughts on “Hear Me Roar”

  1. Roar and laugh like a lion, I say. Still love that mug and the happy memory of being with you on the banks of the Brandywine.
    PS This sounds like a job for Light Princess and her mighty band of followers. Songbird stands and points while adolescents lift and carry. All capped off by pizza and a DVD, of course.

  2. Wish we weren’t headed out on vacation tomorrow, or I would be glad to help!

  3. Reminds me of the night my mother stayed up all night bailing the sump pump when it failed in a storm to avoid flooding the basement. You can do it! Roar!

  4. Yes you can! Hope the job isn’t as bad as you think it might be, and that you gets lots of adolescent help (a la Ruby).

  5. If I were near by I’d come help and bring my husband too, we’d make a party of it. Hope the dress was unaffected and can find a new home in the attic.

  6. you go, girl! none of my own planned crusades came to fruition this week (spring break). they’ll have to wait till summer…or till i have another bunch of grading i really don’t want to do. even grout-cleaning looks good, then. oh, and being a teacher, i’m ALL for the suggestion others have made about unpaid adolescent assistance!

  7. I loved this post. I could hear you roar!!
    Keep sharing!!
    This is Joshua here.

  8. I loved this post. I could hear you roar!!
    Keep sharing!!
    This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News

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