Mary-Martha-Lazarus  When the great crowd of the Jews learned that he was there, they came not only because of Jesus but also to see Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead.

So the chief priests planned to put Lazarus to death as well, since it was on account of him that many of the Jews were deserting and were believing in Jesus. (John 12:9-11, NRSV)

How do you keep quiet 

when a man comes back to life?

(Do you believe a dead man came back to life?)

When it all seemed impossible,

all light and air withdrawn,

that's when we heard breathing.

No one could have survived.

Could they?

No one.

But we heard breathing. We heard it.

We thought we heard it. 

When we breathe, really breathe,

our chests rise as our lungs expand.

Oxygen fills us.

We live.

He lived.

They didn't want to hear it, 

to know it,

didn't want people to know.

They wanted to push the air out,

flatten him, take away the life–

the unexpected life–

the thing we couldn't believe,

the thing we couldn't imagine

that made us believe.

4 thoughts on “Breathing”

  1. gorgeous!
    Do you know the Carrie Newcomer song “Lazarus”? It’s from Lazarus’ perspective…and also a beautiful song. I can barely think of the story without hearing the song in my head anymore…

  2. Breath is considered by some to the very source of God, of life. Beautiful.

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