What am I doing wrong here?

LP and I went searching today for a blouse she can wear as part of a costume.

And so it was that I found myself standing outside the locked dressing room at the Goodwill.

Soon a well-dressed woman approached me and asked, “Do you work here?”


I was wearing a coat, carrying my pocketbook and checking Twitter on my iPhone.

“No, I do not work here.”

But I must admit I came home wondering how she thought it might even be possible. Does my newly-longer hair look tacky or something?

Really, why would you ask a person dressed in outdoor gear such a question? Why?

This incident and my response to it fall clearly into the FAIL category for Making Less of My Own Drama. What’s setting you on edge today? And do I need a new hairdresser?

8 thoughts on “What am I doing wrong here?”

  1. Sheesh!
    Most people aren’t very observant. That’s the only explanation for it.

  2. It’s the time of year to be easily set on edge, I think. I had one of those days Monday after I sent the Kid back to school after his spring break. Between that and thinking about getting ready for Holy Wee, it didn’t take much at all to irritate me.
    As for your hair–if you like it, that’s what counts!

  3. Funny how little things are setting a lot of on edge right now! Between school drama and home drama and my own drama —- maybe I should quit my teaching job and go on the stage!

  4. Like Kathy said, she simply saw you standing near the dressing rooms and did not look beyond that. She probably walked way murmuring to herself, “You idiot, of course she does not WORK here… she had a purse and was waiting on someone. Pay attention.” :c)

  5. Sweetie,
    It was the day. Yesterday all the stars were crossed and weird things going on…at least in my own drama, too.
    Hair is empowering. Keep the gorgeous locks.
    and Rev.Dr.Mom….I am laughing at your typo…crack me! (Holy Wee!)

  6. Maybe she asked it in the hope that someone who DID work there would hear and come help her. Although, in Goodwills of my acquaintance, the help is spread thin on the ground.

  7. I think your hair looks great IMHO! I agree, I think people are stressed and not at all observant…and probably hoping for some help…sigh (and yeah, Holy Wee…hee hee hee)

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