Book #11: The 101 Dalmatians

Dalmatians Yes, I finished it

I loved, loved, loved it. 

I especially love that the puppies go into a church on Christmas Eve and think the kneelers are little dog beds.

If you love dogs, or missed this one in your childhood, I highly recommend it! 

My reading in March has been less than in January and February. Lent much? I have three other books begun but not finished, and it's hard to imagine getting through all of them. I have learned that I am really in the mood for fiction and non-fiction will sit untouched while I search for the escape instead. Oh, well.

3 thoughts on “Book #11: The 101 Dalmatians”

  1. I loved that book. Did you know that it has an odd but entertaining sequel called The Starlight Barking?

  2. Goodie! Thank you for this. Have you read I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith? Perfectly delightful. I will send it posthaste if you have not seen…

  3. I’m glad you’ve got your reading mojo back. I’ve only got 7 in so far this year.

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