101 Dalmatians

I'm reading it. I love it. This week has been too full for reading anything heavier. At such times I often default to classics or to children's books, most often familiar ones. But this is a new one for me. It's different enough from the movie to feel new, but close enough to feel familiar.

I like to go to the prairie or to Narnia when I feel overwhelmed. I fought off grief with Elizabeth and Darcy. Really, I've done that more than once.

Do you ever run away to fictional friends and locales when the world is a bit too much?

14 thoughts on “101 Dalmatians”

  1. I totally do this–with princess books mostly…if it has a girl in a pretty corseted dress on the cover, or purports to in any way be about the women of any european/british court of the Tudor time period (or just before or after), I’m there. Take me to a place with no cancer and many pretty dresses, please. 🙂 The more dancing (which means more dresses!) and court intrigue, the better!

  2. Absolutely! Harry Potter works, or Gail Godwin’s “Evensong” (although I loaned it out and it hasn’t been returned) or Madeleine L’Engle’s books. Not so many kid books around these days, but I used to read whatever the kids had on hand.

  3. my go-to’s are often madeleine’s books, too; and i feel a mega-reread of laurie king’s mary russell novels coming on soon. definitely hp and percy jackson, narnia and tolkien, and sometimes even nancy drew. you mentioned the prairie and unleashed a huge wave of nostalgia for me! i think i’m going to have to reread little house, too! in reality, though, i think i regularly use almost *any* novel-reading as escape. i think i like those female characters who are observant and determined; perhaps i feel it equips me to go back to reality, reminds me of what kind of person i want to be.

  4. I find comfort with Anne on Prince Edward Island, and with the March girls in Concord, and recently with the Girl of the Limberlost. I didn’t even know 101 Dalmations was based on a book!!

  5. I’ve been immersed in Jamie and Claire (the Outlander series) since September just so I’d be up to speed for Diana Gabaldon’s newest book, An Echo in the Bone! Yep, I re-read all six books… whew! What a nice escape though, especially while on the treadmill.

  6. The “real” 101 Dalmatians story is FABULOUS… I remember finding it in my elementary school library and thinking it was the most amazing treasure… That is a real gem of a lifetime. Cruella and her pepper, the extra character of the liver-spotted Perdita to wash the puppies, finding Prince at the end, the cat who helped them shred Cruella’s furs, the “miracle” that gets them home in time for Christmas…

  7. I just read a Nancy Drew book this week. It made me feel like a kid on summer vacation.

  8. So many of the ones you have mentioned…Gabaldon, L’Engle, Gene Stratton Porter (who wrote the Limberlost and many other books)…and the Church of England novels by Susan Howatch.

  9. yep – all of the above – not as often as I would like, but always nice to know they are there waiting for me. I’ll add Max Lucado’s children’s books when I’m feeling too bogged down in the theological world – Just in Case You Ever Wonder always brings a good tear

  10. Yes, I was going to say Evensong! (But I think my fascination with that particular protagonist has always been less about escapism and more about dreaming a dream that seems about to come true.)

  11. Totally. Elizabeth and Darcy are my favorites too. I have books I read when I need to get mad at something, books I read when I’m feeling melancholy, books I read when I feel sad. I am not stranger to escapism.

  12. I rarely reread fiction but I regularly “take off” with fiction. Almost any kind will work. I learned that skill when I sat out PE and recess (several times for a whole quarter) in elementary school.

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