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When Snowman was home a couple of weekends ago, we got talking about my ordination. He was in 6th grade, and I asked him what he remembers.

"It was EPIC!"

"What do you mean? I mean, I know it was important to me, but how did it seem that way to you?"

"All these old ministers came up out of the congregation. This one old lady hobbled all the way from the back. It was like an Entmoot!!!"

And really, it was.


2 thoughts on “Epic”

  1. Ah, an EntMoot ordination! Now THAT’S something to which I’d like to aspire!
    (But I’d definitely want some EntWives at mine, so there’s need to be some revisionist work done on the Tolkeinology…)
    P.S. How ’bout THIS for a bumper sticker: “War is bad for EntWives and other living things.”

  2. Oh. My. Godde…..!!!!! I just laughed so loud and long in my office…. they’re coming to take me away. Seriously. LOVE it.

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