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Is there anything more fun than that?

(We're hanging out in the sun room, which is to say the home office. LP is spinning around in Pure Luck's chair, since he is in Maryland and will never find out. Right?)

LP: (hums, then remarks) I have video game music stuck in my head.

SB: Is that Mario?

LP: Super Smash Brothers Melee.

SB: Oh, that sounds awesome.

LP: Well, you get to play as a princess with a crown and a pink dress, and you get to hit other characters with a frying pan! Is there anything more fun that than?!??

SB: I suppose not. 

LP: It's much more interesting than homework.

(LP wants you to know that's Peach on the right. And hopes you will hear this in the arch tone we used throughout.)

6 thoughts on “Is there anything more fun than that?”

  1. Now I have it stuck in my head, too! Hopefully it’ll liven me up…very draggy this afternoon! 🙂

  2. We have a strong preference for Pickachu because the “weapon” is an umbrella.

  3. Oh me and mine have been so deprived…though we can (and do) still find ourselves humming the Sonic the Hedgehog music 😉

  4. I want to play THAT. And I might have to add the music to my C25K playlist.

  5. ROFL. I played it and my “princess” wandered by and suggested that I get the game just for the music!

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