Book #10: Saplings

Noel_streatfeild  I've been a fan of Noel Streatfeild's since I was a little girl. I ate up the "Shoes" books and "Ballet Shoes" is one of those books I still occasionally re-read as an adult. Recently, thanks to a Twitter mention by a friend, I discovered Streatfeild also wrote novels for grown-ups, and one, long out of print, is available from a press called Persephone Books.

Set in World War II, Saplings tells the story of a family separated and then devastated by the war. From the first pages, Streatfeild describes the characters with a deep psychological insight that makes you think she had been reading John Bowlby's A Secure Base, but she actually wrote this book during the war (it was published in 1945 and ends at Christmas 1944). 

If you are fascinated with England and the Second World War and families, I recommend this book.

6 thoughts on “Book #10: Saplings”

  1. I just found a Ballet Shoes. I’d forgotten what prominent themes of adoption were in that book (and the others?). I loved those when I was a girl.

  2. My Godfather was from England. He sent me “Curtain Up” and all of the other Streatfeild books as gifts. I must have read them all at least 30 times and I am beyond thrilled to find out that now I can read his novels for grown ups.
    Thank you.

  3. Love all the Streatfield books & the BBC did a really wonderful adaptation of Ballet Shoes a couple of Christmasses ago, which my then 21 year old daughter demanded for her birthday. Worth looking out for – it was excellent. Will hunt Saplings when the Lenten book buying fast is over!

  4. I too loved the Shoes books as a child. I’ve even put them on my classroom shelves, and recommended them to some of my 6th graders. I can’t wait to read her adult novels.

  5. Mrs Redboots, I’m excited! I found they will ship to the U.S. It’s not available here. I just ordered it!!!

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