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No Drama Sam’s Mama, Part Two: Minor Fail

First, in my defense, let me say that a December automobile registration expiration date is probably not the best for a clergyperson.

Nevertheless, it's a bit embarrassing that this is the second year in a row I've required, shall we say, a reminder to get it done after the new year has been well underway, a warning, if you will, that it's time to take care of business.

Standing in the Treasury Office at City Hall, I remembered there was another deadline on December 31st. Since the first of the year I've also been operating an illegal dog. In that case, I hope the world will forgive me, when the reminder came late last year, I shoved it aside, because it asked me to renew the licenses for both Sam and Molly. In the ways of Portland, everyone gets an extra month at no charge, so I remember that we took care of their license renewals in late January of 2009, wondering how much longer she would be with us, paying the $6 not unwillingly but somewhat knowingly, and yet in complete ignorance that the time would be *so* short, that by the 10th of February she would be gone.

Still miss her. 

No Drama 007 But, by ignoring the paperwork for the car and the dog, I created, in direct violation of my pledge to make less of my own drama, more of my own drama. I lost out on a chance to spend time with a friend to my South because I had to heed the warning delivered by the trooper, a card allowing me ONE trip, and hie me to City Hall instead. 

In the Clerk's office, taking care of the Sam part of the business, I made my excuse, as seen above. And the practical woman sitting across from me, as clearly called to her organizational tasks as I am to others in this life, said, "I am giving you a notice reminding you NOW that the license must be renewed in December. If that's a busy month, put it on your calendar for NOVEMBER instead." 

(The caps are mine. She was not Internet, or real-life, shouting.) 

Proving that I am not truly a scofflaw, just distractable, I brought the notice home and did as she suggested.

Maybe I ought to go into the kitchen and add a note about the car, too.

No Drama 005

Sam agrees.

10 thoughts on “No Drama Sam’s Mama, Part Two: Minor Fail”

  1. Love that face!!!! And smart idea to put notice in Nov.
    The marvelous Admin Asst and I just completed our statistical report that is due tomorrow.
    We were told to do it online early as the process gets slower when the date is near and everyone is doing it.
    So, two weeks ago we began doing ours. But left the financial part until last. That is the hardest to do as you have to figure a lot.
    But, we finally finished and we were on time.And yes, it did take longer, as site was busy.
    Hope you have little to no more drama.

  2. We are kindred spirits in this respect.
    Which is why I need to do taxes today so I can do the FAFSA before it is over due. Argh.

  3. I actually have the same problem, but with my sister’s birthday – I am almost ALWAYS late with her card and miss calling on the day because it falls during my finals week. I should mark to put things in the mail in april instead – I’d still be off, but at least I’d be early not late.

  4. Whoops, you just reminded me. We have TWO illegally operating dogs in our household…and I’m two months overdue at the end of February!

  5. I love the picture of Sam.
    I’ve started putting more and more reminders on my computer calendar. It helps . . . as long as I don’t click the part of the menu that says “remind me again in 1 day” or “1 week.” It lets me do that indefinitely.

  6. Oh, dear. You’ve reminded me that we’re operating an illegal dog, too. Must get on that today.

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