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Book #6: The Warden; also miscellany

I'm continuing my fiction reading and on KathyR's advice read the first in Anthony Trollope's Barchester Chronicles, "The Warden." I loved it! It's a perfect mix of social commentary and church commentary. When I finished I immediately began the next in the series, "Barchester Towers."

I expect the Olympics to be bad for reading, especially since I committed to the Knitting Olympics, though having lost two evenings to doing something wrong and then having to undo and redo, I doubt I will make it to the finish line in time. 

I have some other books on my Kindle I'm excited to read, but they will have to wait. I've decided against putting books in the sidebar unless I'm really reading them. Putting them there as encouragement to myself doesn't seem to work.

Polar bears are on TV, so I am going back to watching the Olympics now.

4 thoughts on “Book #6: The Warden; also miscellany”

  1. Glad you liked it! Thought you might!
    I am not watching any of this Olympics stuff, so I don’t know if you mean REAL polar bears with fur and paws or the people-kind that swim in icy water.

  2. It was a feature about the actual polar bears. And Olympics or no, I am finding Barchester Towers impossible to put down!

  3. I’m not an Olympics-watcher either, but wouldn’t have minded seeing the feature on polar bears!

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