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Knitting Crisis!!!

How is it that if I'm following the chart exactly, the sock is inside out?

I quit.

But seriously, has anyone done Rivendell? It seems to me the outside of the sock is the right side. Wouldn't that be logical? So I'm knitting along in this k1tbl, p2 pattern, but the part that's facing out–the RIGHT SIDE, right?– looks like a k2,p1 rib, and the little loopy thing that's supposed to be happening is on the inside, not the outside, of the sock.

I am in despair. I don't see anything in the instructions that makes sense of this. 

Help me, knitters. You are my only hope!

10 thoughts on “Knitting Crisis!!!”

  1. I’m looking at their posts, but I don’t see anyone saying they had trouble with the chart. I’m so sad! How is it possible for this to happen? I mean, I know what k1, p2 looks like! Obviously, a million other people who have done this are smarter than I am.
    How do you even ask someone a question on Ravelry? I am just not plugged in there.

  2. I’ve never knit Rivendell, but if that’s what’s happening, can’t you just turn the whole sock inside out at the end?
    That said, sighs and hugs your way. Sock problems are no fun. Does anyone in your house like to wear mis-matched socks?

  3. Other foot? Not that I’m a knitter. I looked at your pattern and said oh my. I’m at the knit purl stage and prayer shawls.
    A friend knitted me monkey socks when I was doing chemo (and had cold feet among other strange happenings). I love them and want another pair and have thought of knitting them.

  4. I’m not a knitter but I had the same question as Susan…can’t you just turn it inside out when you’re done?

  5. I think you can turn it right side out now. I’m guessing that when you joined your sock started knitting around in the wrong direction which might cause this. That’s what I’ve done more than once!

  6. To ask a question go to Ravelry, click “forums” and go to the “patterns” forum, post it up. There are also some sock forums there you could try. I think Deb might be right; is there no way to pop it “inside out” to be on the right side? Or else, you could frog it (sob) and start over. Sometimes that’s the best way, and the mistake evaporates. With Lent coming right on up this week, knitting should be refreshing, not stressful!!

  7. Thanks, all. I think I inadvertently turned it wrong-way round Friday night, and when I picked it up Sunday, I started knitting on the wrong side. I frogged it and started again; I’m back to where I left off on Friday and will do some more tonight. Of course, at this point, there’s no way I’ll get two of them done before the Olympics are over. But why should this year be different than 2006?

  8. I feel for you, Songbird! I hope you didn’t have to frog too many rows. But sometimes it’s easier to start fresh.
    For future reference (not that you’ll ever need it!), you can always search the Rav forums, too. Same as a Google search – just site-specific and way more targeted.

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