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Your Knitting Olympian

Your Knitting Olympian Do I look serious? 

Because I am.

I picked up my new glasses this afternoon, so I'll be able to read the charts that are part of the pattern I'm knitting, Rivendell

I used my swift to prepare the balls of ArtYarns Ultramerino4.

I found my favorite short size 2 knitting needles.

I got a carryout dinner so I won't be distracted.

The Olympics start in 39 minutes, and I will be there to cast on!

Read more about the Knitting Olympics here. Many thanks to the Yarn Harlot for hosting again!!! The idea is to challenge yourself with a knitting project you cast on as the torch is lit and finish before the Closing Ceremonies are over. In 2006, I didn't quite get there. I've chosen a smaller project, but it's fiddly (see the charts), and I am working with the handicap of RA. I can't knit for 12 hours straight, as I might have tried to do in the past.

Here's the yarn and pattern, ready to be scooped up and knit. Ready, set, go!

Rivendell in ArtYarns Ultramerino4

9 thoughts on “Your Knitting Olympian”

  1. Those socks are worthy of their hobbit-ish, elvish name. Gorgeous!
    Can I still do the knitting olympics if I haven’t cast on yet? I thought I’d start today, my First Socks Ever.

  2. I’ve been eying that pattern for awhile. Good luck! I cast on last night for the February Lady sweater. The challenge will definitely be trying to find enough time to sit and watch the Olympics and knit!

  3. I’m on Team Songbird! I have a cowbell and am cheering you on from here!
    Don’t let the charts get the best of you, you can do it!!!!!!!

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