Bearnaise Sauce Dogs

In the end

All is well. 

But just to be on the safe side, I brought Sam to my evening meeting rather than leaving him at home. 

When I told the committee he was inclined to eat mittens, someone suggested I take him to the Food Pantry…no need for a nice dog to subsist on mittens, after all.

In the end

18 thoughts on “In the end”

  1. He is gorgeous!
    And I have to ask, did you mean to post your location right down to the street number? If so, awesome. If not, I thought I would mention that your technology is doing that..


  2. Luckily Sam is a big boy, a smaller dog might have bigger problems from ingesting a mitten. I have noticed some dogs are really drawn to wool. My own dog couldn’t care less, thank goodness. She’s a petite 54 pounds – petite next to Sam, that is.


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