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No Drama Sam’s Mama

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After my meeting tonight I noticed two missed calls from home and one voice mail. I tried to listen to it while using my office phone to call home and ended up listening to LP’s voice saying two things at the same time.

She was upset.

Apparently, Sam went into her open backpack and ate one of her fingerless gloves. The second one he slobbered on and left on the floor. Meanwhile, Pure Luck is driving into the big Central Atlantic storm. At last report, he found Maryland drivers to be moving very slowly. I’m hoping by now he’s close to his destination.

I’m not sure what to do about Sam and his love for textiles. He’s going on 7, and his habits show no signs of abating.

On this busy day, I realized that for the past seven weeks I have had it easy on the home front. I appreciate how much Pure Luck does when he’s at home, that I don’t have to worry about the dog and have back-up to transport LP when she needs to go places or get back from them, company when I want it and a quiet, peaceable companion when I’m worn out.

There have been lots of times I’ve made myself totally miserable in his absence, and made things like Sam’s dietary indiscretions worse for myself and everyone else by Freaking.Right.Out.

But my resolution for 2010 is to make less of my own drama. So for tonight, I’ll be monitoring the dog, calmly. He seems fine, ate a cookie with gusto, and is certainly capable of, um, handling it. Let’s hope.


No Drama Sam’s Mama

10 thoughts on “No Drama Sam’s Mama”

  1. Oh, Sam. Really, can’t you find something more digestable to eat?
    Now LP only has one fingerless glove.
    Madelyn has a love of my yarns. I have to keep close watch on my stuff.
    She also loves my electric cords. Sigh

  2. Maybe if you bought Sam his very own ball of yarn and carefully hid yours…..???
    I know it won’t work, but it’s a funny idea…

  3. I sometimes wonder if it would be worth the x-ray to see if the jingle bell is still inside Amanda… But I’m sure it’s gone and it certainly hasn’t caused her any problems! This from the dog who can eat a sock and then present it to you one morning three or four weeks later. Hope Sam is that sort!

  4. You know what I love most about this post? Your description of what you love about your husband—that mix of gratitude and sheer amazement that the two of you found each other in this less-than-perfect world. I can really relate to that–God redeemed my mess and led me to my second husband. Your post serves as just another reminder to thank God for all that goodness.

  5. Each have their own special likes! Our Beagle ( who lived to be 16 years, 3 months and 11 days) once snatched a pork rib bone out of the garbage and ate it. We were so worried and watchful. Didn’t have any reaction of any kind! Jett likes chewing on sofa pillows. I keep having to use quilting thread and big needle to resew and mend the seams. One greyhound chewed countless catalogues and even a few books.
    Hope Sam’s ok with no adverse affects.
    The calm thing is good. I was totally calm when my tire blew. What a difference it made for me. I still lost time, I still had to wait, I still had to rearrange my whole schedule and make up the next day. But, I wasn’t fuming! Guess, it’s something we can all work on!

  6. Zoe heard about Sam and made her own Border Collie attempt at drama: while we were both gone for most of the day, she pointedly dragged all our shoes and boots out from under the bench and off from the boot-mat. She thrashed those rubber boots good and proper and lugged them halfway up the stairs. The shoes were dragged into the center of the living room where she dedicated herself to the delicate task of unlacing them one-by-one. THIS is how she shows her displeasure at our prolonged absence: by “walkin’ these boots all over the place!”
    (Thankfully, though, she has not yet shown an interest in ingesting the laces. She just leaves them strewn about like little dead snakes.)

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