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Saturday Night Thoughts

  • Communion WafersIt's hard to know what to do on Saturdays when I'm not preaching.
  • I wonder where I will end up next?
  • When I hear young people singing beautifully, as I did at LP's District Honors Chorus Festival today, I feel hopeful for the world.
  • When I come home and read news about the Tea Party Convention, I don't.
  • Really, it's hard to figure out how to structure my week when I'm not preaching.
  • I fear I sound whiny, which is not nice to some of my pastor friends who are between engagements, so to speak.
  • Leaving is an inevitable part of life, but in Interim Ministry, it comes with alarming regularity. 
  • Maybe I ought to be less mopey and watch TV with LP instead.
  • We have that "What Not to Wear" with the Episcopal priest on our DVR.
  • Next week I'll try to find a writing rhythm, but at the moment it feels pretty pointless because…
  • it's not for preaching or the associated preparation.
  • And maybe I need a writing project.
  • But I don't know what that would be.
  • Except I did suggest to Pure Luck that maybe someone might be interested in the story of a pastor married to an atheist, and he said sure, and I said we could write it together, and he suggested I could interview him, which is to say, do the work myself.
  • Lastly, in response to the ways we have tried to accommodate various worries about Communion (germs, gluten, etc.), LP suggests it's getting to the point we will be handing people a plastic wafer to hold, contemplate, and then return to us.

18 thoughts on “Saturday Night Thoughts”

  1. when they return the wafer, you’ll spray it down with anti-bacterial lysol, of course. 🙂

  2. awwwww…you’re still and always will be a preacher. And you write beautifully. And you’re not a whiner. Wish I had a DVR and that show!

  3. Hee hee! Laugh out loud funny.
    I think that would be a GREAT book. But Don needs to do his own work. Puhleeze! It needs to be in both of your voices. IMHO.

  4. LP is smart. And this friend who is “between engagements” does not think it is overly whiny, but just the right amount! (In other words, what you express is how I feel most days.)
    (Formerly CH)

  5. The priest on the WNTW was a friend of mine. I’ll be very curious to hear what you think about it.

  6. teri, ha! Consecrated, of course.
    Emily, we loved it. I like the new hair stylist and think he gave her a great look. I thought the tone of the episode was great, enough of their usual sass that it felt true to the show while also respecting the fact that as a priest, she has special needs to meet. They can make over my wardrobe anytime.
    What did you think of the dickey they had made for her?

  7. Hmmmm….maybe Pure Luck and The Quiet Husband could write that article together.
    Twice in the past few weeks people have said in public presentations regarding mission and marriage: If both partners are not called,then neither is called.
    Of course, such things are always said by those whose experience has been consistently of bothness.
    I am left wondering which is wrong: my call, my marriage, or the viewpoint being expressed.

  8. LOL re: the plastic wafer. I am chair of the worship committee this year and we have gone around and around about this. Finally we put hand sanitizer at the doors and chopped up the (formerly) common loaf into little pieces. (One of my fellow elders suggested we add toothpicks. Holy hors d’oeurves, anyone?) No one is whining about it, so I guess it’s all right.

  9. No matter what you write, Songbird, it’s with feeling and passion, even if God is not the title character, you still have so much to offer with your words. You have that gift.

  10. Gannet Girl, I suspect the view is right for *them.* But I hear you. Many times I’ve wondered if my re-direction into Interim Ministry wasn’t a good thing because of my husband’s perspective. There’s a lot less pressure or expectation for him to participate than there was in our settled church. But what gives churches the right to expect that from spouses anyway? I have to think that’s a holdover attitude from the days when you got two pastors for one salary.
    My childhood pastor (Southern Baptist) had, and still has, a brilliant and gifted wife who found her own calling to Early Childhood Education. She became an author and a college professor. I’m going to guess that when she went back to school forty-ish years ago, the church didn’t like it. It’s funny, I used to say I wanted to BE her when I grew up, and as a young thing I thought I meant to marry the minister, but it may be that her life is worth reconsidering for me now.

  11. Just back from church and cracked up at LP’s “plastic wafer” observation.
    RE: the book…you’re thinking non-fiction it sounds like. But for fiction, if I remember correctly Sue Miller’s While I was Gone, the wife is an atheist veterinarian and the hubby is a pastor. Gail Godwin’s Evensong, the wife is a young Episcopal pastor and the dh is a head school master…maybe he wasn’t atheist, tho’. Ah well, both fiction and the couples’ faith were side plots in both books. But both good reads.

  12. I was listening to the sermon for the third time today (we have three services) thinking to myself “I used to look at the world through the lens of sermon illustrations. When did I stop doing that?” I understand missing the structure of the regular “writing for preaching” routine. And, in all honestly, without the deadline of “Sunday’s coming” it’s not really the same. You are not whining, you are adjusting to a big change. It’s hard. Be gentle with yourself. I found that I also no longer write lots of other things too (weekly liturgy, monthly newsletter article…), and I wonder if you miss some of that too (Ok, I may be projecting a lot here – sorry!). A writing project may not be a bad idea – but only if it feeds you.

  13. I understand about the writng project, except that I have a couple of ideas now, and I still can’t get going…

  14. Hope you write that book someday. It reminds me of my former Methodist pastor telling me that I should write a book with my daughter about her being gay–and she’s also an atheist.

  15. Valerie, I love both those books. I don’t think I would ever write fiction. I have enough trouble keeping track of the real people in my life!

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