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Facebook Families

Are you on Facebook? And if so, do you have children on Facebook?

If your children are young adults, you may sometimes wonder if it's a good idea to be friends with them. What are the right boundaries in the ever-shifting social media world? My colleague's wife has written a blog post about Facebook Families. I hope you'll visit her, and if you have an experience to share, please leave a comment!

10 thoughts on “Facebook Families”

  1. both of my kids are on facebook and we have “friended” one another. I leave comments on my daughter’s FB occasionally – just fun goofy things and she leaves comments on mine – usually regarding what I made for dinner tha she missed…LOL BUT I never leave comments on my son’s FB – he’s too cool right now for mom to say anything, but at least he’s Ok if I stop by and read it…have no idea if he reads mine….all in all it seems ok for us…

  2. My children (now 17 and 22) both friended me, not the other way around, on Facebook. I mistakenly took that as license to comment freely. My son finally corrected me. (It was not helpful that, while he was away at college, I would respond to emo posts that were as often as not song lyrics with comments such as “Oh honey,are you ok? Call me!”).
    So, having had to learn and re-learn the boundaries, I find I am grateful for the level of access if gives me to their lives– aware, of course, that they most likely edit themselves there precisely because of my access. I’m struck by how little access my parents had to me, comparatively speaking, when I left the nest. I was grateful for the privacy. But there might be something good in the clarity of, for instance, my son explaining to me what was a crossing of the line, and my learning from that.
    Thanks for the link, Songbird!

  3. Cecilia, I have been there! I would see these very odd things, most of which can be sourced back to some cartoon my boys like. And I would seem like teh idiot!

  4. Thanks for posting this, Songbird. It raises some excellent questions. For my family it’s been a non-issue, just another means of communication.
    God’s peace.

  5. My 16-year-old has NOT friended me, nor is he likely to anytime soon. I would not have friended my mother when I was 16.
    It’s OK with me. I already know that there is stuff I don’t want to know. That’s OK with me, too.

  6. I was friends with my adult kids right away. The Kid took a while to friend me, but he did and it’s been fine. And some of his friends friended me. Now that they are all at college it is a great way to keep up with all of them. I don’t leave too many comments, and so far I haven’t found out anything I didn’t want to know!
    FB and Skype are actually the main ways I keep in touch with all my kids. We talk on the phone or text, too, but more and more it’s all on FB. I can’t remember the last time I called one of them using the landline.

  7. I even have grandchildren on facebook. This has caused some problems, because the parents stay right on top of everything the grands say to everyone and feelings get stepped on and people cry. There must be a difference between monitoring kids and letting them have some privacy to comment?

  8. My son and daughter-in-law are both on Facebook. We have not friended each other, although many of their friends are on my friend list and many of mine are on theirs. We talk several times a week and email at least once a day, so maybe we don’t need Facebook to communicate. And I probably don’t want/need to know what my long-time friends are posting on their walls!

  9. My nephew and two nieces have friended me. Also the sister-in-law with my same last name. And, recently, my brother and sister!
    But my kids would die a thousand deaths, so, no.

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