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Mutton Chops

#1 Son's status update on Facebook last week read:

The Chekhovian muttonchops only continue to grow more potent. 

And here they are: 

Three Sisters trip 001

And here we are after the show with his girlfriend, Poesy. 

Three Sisters trip 002

(Thank you to kathrynzj, who took the pictures. If you're friends with both of us on Facebook, you can find more there.) 

At dinner, kathrynzj said to Poesy, "I understand you're a poet."
"Oh," she answered. "That's just how I pay the bills. My true passion is being a paralegal." 


The trip was great, the play was wonderful, #1 Son marvelous as a PTSD-stricken Russian inclined to making, as he put it, "deranged bird sounds."
I would encourage you to go see it, but all the performances next week are SOLD OUT!!!

12 thoughts on “Mutton Chops”

  1. woo hoo! What wonderful photos! Sold out in NYC – that is big news! Congrats to him, and to you.

  2. YAY….Hooray for him (and how wonderful to have a Poesy who is a poet: the 1st essay I ever had to write at uni was on Philip Sydney’s “An Apologie for Poesie…”)

  3. Way cool, you. I’m so glad it was good!
    And my guy had mutton chops for a time last year. Whoa! Is all I have/ had to say about that.

  4. Well, how cute is SHE? :c) You all look so very happy, and glad to hear the play is such a hit! Wahooo!

  5. brings back memories of my dance-theater days in NYC…that was a looooong time ago….(one of my friends lived in the same loft building as Susan Lucci)
    Glad your son has this opportunity – there is really nothing quite like it! And that you could be there too…

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