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Under 550

Asiago_peppercorn_steak  I'm trying to get back on the food wagon after a period of flagrant disregard for eating sensibly. We were at Applebee's last weekend, where I will admit I ordered the "Wonton Tacos" from the appetizer menu as my lunch. I noted that they no longer have a small Weight Watchers section on the menu, though I did see some WW entrees sprinkled around the different categories (can't find them on the web menu, though). 

What they do have is a new and prominent menu section called "Under 550 Calories." 

This makes me wonder how many calories are in the Grilled Oriental Chicken Salad I order so often, which is not on the list. 

3 thoughts on “Under 550”

  1. According to the website, 709 for the whole salad, 350 for a half. 714 for the “Low-Fat” Oriental chicken salad, which seems odd. And I thought the word to use in the 21st century was Asian.

  2. Auntie Knickers, thanks so much, I didn’t know about The Daily Plate. What a great resource that is!

  3. I always order “dressing on the side” because I like a lot less salad dressing than they add…which hopefully reduces the calories as well…it is crazy how many calories can be in a so called, simple meal.

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