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In Haiti

Bendrott This is a picture of the Bentrott family: Kim, Patrick and Solomon.

Kim and Patrick are Global Ministries (UCC and DoC) missionaries in Haiti. I just found their blog and read Kim's recounting of the past few days

Kim's position is sponsored by One Great Hour of Sharing, and that is one place you can donate to help people in Haiti right now. Money is being sent directly to the UCC's mission partners in Haiti:

"In terms of giving, UCC constituents have contributed a record-breaking $135,000 in online donations to OGHS International Disaster Relief in the first day of the Haitian relief request. Three donations of $2,000, 14 of greater than $1,000 and 31 of greater than $500 lead the list of giving.

Funds from these and previous donations are already flowing to mission partners in Haiti including $20,000 to Church World Service for relief kits and $5,000 to Interchurch Medical Assistance who will provide medicine and supplies to area clinics. Additional distributions will be made as relief and recovery efforts continue." (From the UCC website)

Kim Bentrott also mentions Doctors Without Borders, the wonderful organization I've been supporting in a modest way ever since the tsunami in 2004. I got started because of a plea from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, otherwise known as Yarn Harlot, who asked readers of her blog to step up and give whatever they could to Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders. Their hospitals in Haiti were destroyed, but they have — get this!!! — an inflatable hospital

We're giving as a family both via the UCC and to Doctors Without Borders. 

And I'm also doing what Kim Bentrott suggests (among other things I hope you will read) on her blog:

"So many have asked "what can we do?" To this I say, keep praying." 

7 thoughts on “In Haiti”

  1. thanks so much for posting this. I have tried to read it – can hardly take it in. will try again later. in the meantime, praying, praying, praying, praying. and re-writing a sermon that is just NOT GOING TO DO IT.

  2. Patrick was my good friend in seminary, a great soul. Thanks for passing this on…

  3. towanda, thanks for telling me. It makes them feel that much closer, this world is so small.

  4. so very sad…the daughter of a friend of mine, seminary class mate, was in Haiti as a missionary. Thankfully she’s safe, but so many others…sigh. giving through Episcopal Relief and Development…

  5. That was so very sad and hard to read. You just can’t even imagine the ability to process all that as it was happening in front of your eyes. Prayers to Patrick and Kim and all those there… I made a donation through Episcopal Relief and Development, but may just go visit Doctors Without Borders as well.

  6. Thanks for this. The Presbyterians have the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program going full blast, too.

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