The Three Sisters and #1 Son

3sistersIMGDon't you want to see #1 Son in a play?

He has a supporting role in Chekhov's "The Three Sisters" and is also assistant directing.

I'll be in the Big Apple to see him later this month. I'm proud of all the young people who are part of The Assembly Theater Company, and grateful they won a residency giving them performance space for three production this season in New York.

Here's more about The Assembly:

is a New York based ensemble of multi-disciplinary artists formed by five Wesleyan University graduates. Assembly members seek to unite varied interests in service of creating wide reaching, unabashedly theatrical and rigorously researched ensemble performances that address the complexities of our ever-changing world. They embrace collaboration as the core of the creative process, developing all the elements of text, action, and design side-by-side within the rehearsal environment. The Assembly’s plays have been performed in Connecticut and Edinburgh (where they were nominated for the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Fringe First Award) as well as in multiple venues throughout New York City: The Ontological Theater, The Brick Theater, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Abingdon Theater Complex and The Flea.

6 thoughts on “The Three Sisters and #1 Son”

  1. really delightful – NYC, and being in a theater company, and that this is your son! Oh, it brings back memories of my 20’s….

  2. Cool! I love the adventuresome, creative spirits of so many of the twentysomethings I know. I envy their ability to take risks in doing something they love.

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