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St. Peter’s

I'm a great admirer of the apostle Peter. I like his stubbornness, his willingness to speak up to Jesus even when he's wrong, his humanity and his humility and his ultimate faithfulness. 

A lot of churches on the Gulf Coast damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina chose to rebuild further from the water. I understand that. I really do. But I love this story of a church that rebuilt on the spot.

I remember driving past St. Peter's By the Sea on my first trip here, a few months after the storm. I got a quick glimpse of what looked like half a church, just the top half, hanging above what looked more like a breezeway. When I came back a year later, I got to take a closer look.

Gulf Coast 06-07 025

Last year I saw the outside of the building made whole again, but this morning I got the pleasure of a tour given by one of the Wardens.

Gulf Coast visit 002

Gulf Coast visit 003

Gulf Coast visit 004

I love St. Peter. He's by the sea again, fishing. He gives me hope.   


6 thoughts on “St. Peter’s”

  1. How wonderful that they are so fearless and faithful… what a beautiful church.

  2. Thanks for these photos. I was a parishioner at St. Peters-by-the-Sea in the early 2000’s, pre Katrina. A lovely church with equally lovely people. Good to see the steadfastness they have.

  3. I am also an admirer of St. Peter. We were studying him in church the other day about when Yeshua reaffirmed his position after St. Peter’s failings. I guess we can also say “Amen” to second chances.

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