Some of my best friends are Presbyterians

Some of my best friends *are* Presbyterians, and most of them I met through blogging. So when Jody Harrington of Quotidian Grace asked if I would answer some questions for a piece she was writing for Presbyterians Today, I agreed happily.

You may read it online here.

5 thoughts on “Some of my best friends are Presbyterians”

  1. Wow. That is SO awesome! As I read the article, I kept thinking, “Oh, I read her. And her. And her….” and then I realized that keeping up with the spiritual disciplines of my colleagues has become something of a spiritual discipline of its own.

  2. Great article! Funny you should post this … a few days ago I re-connected with a former college friend on Facebook, who is now a Presbyterian minister. Through his friends list I found many people I know through the Presbyterian church … friends of my parents, or their kids, or people who were in youth group with me and are now in the ministry. Weirder yet, my former college friend apparently knows a woman who goes to my current (Congregational) church! All I can say is “it’s a small world”.

  3. This is a lovely article! I love your bit quote about writing being a spiritual discipline…I think if I am to make one New Year’s resolution, it would be to write every day, even if it’s more in the vein of “morning pages” from the Artist’s Way…or if it’s post-worthy stuff, that would be okay, too. But I keep saying I want to do more writing, and I keep not doing it, and it’s time to get serious! This helps me put it in another perspective as well. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the link, Songbird, and again for participating in the article by answering my questions AND introducing me to Melissa. I only wish I had more space in the magazine so that I could use all of your responses. Enjoy your vacation!

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