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Behold a Star

My friend and colleague, L, came to dinner at our house tonight. She arrived with a bag full of colored strips of paper and sat with Snowman and LP to teach these origami-loving young people the craft of a different culture: Moravian Stars.

While they worked patiently (or not so, in some cases) to create a star for the first time, we marveled at L as she turned pieces of wrapping paper ribbon into an example. This was hard enough with larger, less slippery paper in contrasting colors!

It always interests me to listen to the way one person will describe an action and how differently another person will hear it. I become easily frustrated when I cannot understand how to do something, and it is perhaps fortunate that I was occupied getting dinner on the table while they worked. 

We think of a star, especially at Christmas-time, as shining a sudden, amazing, even clarifying light, but these stars took building, weaving the paper in and out to make the points. And I suspect enlightenment, or to put it less dramatically, understanding, comes in a similar way, one movement leading to another, a seemingly random set of actions or thoughts or feelings finally creating a whole.

Moravian Stars 122709 018

(Read more about making the stars here.)

4 thoughts on “Behold a Star”

  1. st. boonieville had a whole box full of these, that folks had made during the forties i believe… when funds were low, and chrismons were not yet around. the story goes there was not money for many of the traditional ornamentation for the church’s tree, so ladies sat around and made the stars… very lovely!

  2. Growing up in NC, which must have more Moravians than anywhere outside Moravia, these popped up at Advent festivals and Christmas parties and in my high school geometry class. We still have a few of the latter hanging on the tree each year–they seem to last forever. Glad your family got to join the fun.
    The real question is, did she bring you any Moravian spice cookies or sugar cake? They’re the best.

  3. This rocks! The idea of things not being made in an instant, but over time with patience and understanding to make a whole, is pretty amazing. I wish the folks who want things NOW understood this. And may I understand it when I’m impatient.

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