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Friday Five: Do Nothing Edition

Over at RevGalBlogPals, Sally writes:

I am reading a wonderful little book for Advent, it's title is: "Do Nothing Christmas is Coming!"

So this week's Friday Five is simple.

List Five things you won't be doing to prepare for Christmas.

Hmm. I think we keep it fairly simple anyway. Most of our changes have to do with the advancing average age of our household and extended family.

I am not mailing any packages.

I am not losing my mind over stockings (this is a big one, I am crazy for stockings, and this is my most likely last-minute freakout).

I am not doing presents for nieces or nephews.

I am not knitting a sweater for anyone, at least not one scheduled to be a Christmas present.

I am not staying up late to do anything related to Christmas. That is my solemn vow. I feel much better when I sleep.

I fully expect some madness when all the men of the family return around December 19-20. Every year the kids and I shop for a needy child as their present to Pure Luck, and this year we'll all be able to do it together if #1 Son's plans work out. And since we weren't together at Thanksgiving, I still need a picture of the kids for a card. That may not get into the mail until after Christmas.

2008 Pictures 025

Lastly, I hope we'll get around to putting the ornaments on the tree…

How about you? Are you engaged in Christmas madness or keeping it calm this year?

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Do Nothing Edition”

  1. I will have to shop sooner or later but not that much. And my madness seems to keep me at the computer, recording stories, blogging etc. Eagerly awaiting arrivals of daughters, new friend of older one, and sister-in-law a few days before Christmas. This crazy weather (when it’s snowing in Texas!?!?) makes it hard to feel Christmasy or even Adventy!

  2. Funny, I just learned to knit last year….made all (six) of my son’s day-care teachers scarves. This year, I haven’t even pulled out the yarn. I miss the knitting, but not the pressure to get everything done on time!

  3. Loved this FF. I took care of my first needy children last night. Not the ones we gift at the office!

  4. Good plans! So glad you’re not knitting a sweater for anyone. Do you already have a tree? We don’t….

  5. sounds great songbird… here’s hoping you find some quality time for that important shopping trip 🙂

  6. fun to read about stockings — we didn’t have any tradition of those, so I’ve never felt any burden about them. But good to know that they loom large for other people. Enjoy letting the stockings go! I’m sure your family knows you love them, that is always oozing out of the crevices of your blog!

  7. We haven’t hung stockings since the children left home. Most of my shopping has been done via catalog – though have a few items left. And my least favorite is mailing. Maybe I can con Dad into doing this. All this takes up a miniscule bit of my time. Mostly I meditate, read, and plan music for my growing children’s choir. They are much fun and I can sit down.

  8. Stockings, yes. Maybe you and I should hold each other accountable on that one!

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