Friday Five: Crush

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I have to admit it. I felt for her.


You see, in high school, I had a crush on my Chorus teacher. He was a young guy, and he had gone to college with some cousins of mine, and over the summer between 9th and 10th grade, we ran into each other at a series of pre-wedding parties, and I feel DEEPLY in like.


1) Did you ever have a crush on a teacher? 

Yes, as I said above, I had a HUGE crush on Mr. Archer, who taught Chorus. When he announced his impending marriage I was, well, crushed. They were both musicians, and I'm happy to say that 30+ years later I can find them via Google, still married and performing together.

2) Who was your first crush?

The paper boy who used to pull me around in his wagon and let me "help" with the deliveries. I was 3. My parents knew him, but I am darned if I can remember his name. A neighbor complained that he had taken me into the lobby of an apartment building, and made my mother feel ashamed of letting me go with him. Really, it was fine. I felt very grown-up and important.

3) Have you ever given a gift to a crush? 

Yes, I have been known to offer baked goods to crushes, but probably the most sweetly pitiful example of crush-gift-giving would be from the era between my marriages. I appeared in a production of "A Christmas Carol" with my sons and developed a huge crush on the composer/music director who played on stage during the shows. Out of the cast he had chosen me to assist with the wintery percussion during the Ghost of Christmas Past segment of the story, and my part included artistically shaking a string of jingle bells in a variety of ways. When the show ended, I gave him a string of jingle bells with a card on the blank side of which I had written in tiny letters the words to "All Beautiful the March of Days." (He was British and musical, I felt that had to be a good idea.)

All this eventually led to two dates and one kiss, after which he vanished into the ether as traveling composers are wont to do.

Castle 4) Do you have a celebrity crush? (Around my house we call them TV boyfriends and girlfriends…)

It's embarrassing, because I remember when he played the suddenly grown-up Joey Buchanan on "One Life to Live," but my current celebrity crush is Nathan Fillion, otherwise known as Mal Reynolds of "Firefly" and "Serenity" semi-fame, as Captain Hammer in the absolutely irresistible "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," and most recently as the completely delightful Richard Castle, mystery writer and hero of "Castle."

(You may click on the picture to make it bigger…)

5) Have you ever been surprised to find yourself the crushee?

Indeed, I have. I assumed that even though people had crushes on their pastors, I would not be on the receiving end. That was incorrect. I hope I am as kind to those people as my many crushes were to me. Because there were many, many, many. I used to keep a list. Apparently, I live to love!

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  1. Ahhh… crushes. I vividly remember Coach Allen. All of us in the eighth grade had a crush on him, and his beautiful legs. I am sure he knew we all swooned over him, and I’ll never forget the day that he shared one of his wallet photos of himself with us, taken when the team had their photos taken. We all carried around our signed copies in our wallets and dreamed of being old enough to date him. He was our early McDreamy.

  2. I probably had more crushes than are coming to my mind’s fore this morning, but it was fun to revisit those heart pangs with today’s play. Fun to discover, too, who we all have in common when it comes to plucking heart strings. I think Nathan Fillion is fabulous in Castle. But since he’s not my type I’m happy to say that he’s all yours, LOL!

  3. Oh yes, those men at school probably imagine themselves as the ultimate crush men–the egos are monstrous sometimes.
    I have no clue on the handsome Nathan dude you have pictured here…even with all the references… But I do remember the handsome people from Glee, as I’ve recorded and then lost a few on the DVR.
    Very Good Play–and me too, there aren’t reems of paper enough for all the crushes I’ve had. I just remembered a couple from childhood: Starsky and Hutch and some rescue guys from a show around maybe a fire department? I can picture them…must have been 5 or 6 on that one.

  4. what a fabulous Friday 5! very fun! i “loved” your crush as Joey Buchanan! he was the best Joey ever!

  5. I’m with you on Nathan Fillion! One of my early TV boyfriends was David Selby as Quentin on Dark Shadows. And I had a crush on my 10th grade AP World History teacher, Mr. Heecht.

  6. Oooo…have you seen “Waitress?” Charming movie on the whole…and I think you’re gonna like the Love Interest! 😉

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