Thanksgiving Eve

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and we are preparing for the Bi-Annual Thanksgiving Eve Festival of Meatloaf (here's the story of our first celebration). Snowman arrives on a train from Beantown in a few hours, and then we will tuck into two kinds of meatloaf, mashed baked potatoes (by request), maple-glazed carrots and Brussels sprouts, followed by Apple Pan Dowdy and everyone's favorite molasses cookies.

Yes, we made more.

Molasses Cookies 003 

Some will go with Snowman and Light Princess to their father's celebration, and others will go with Pure Luck and me to his great-aunt's house, and yet others will stay right here.

And the misfits?

Molasses Cookies 002 

Don't worry. All taken care of!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve”

  1. all misfits are welcome here – those look yummy! I’ll bet the meatloaf will be fab too – glad you’re all together again!

  2. Happy, happy day to you and yours dear friend. Your presence here is such a blessing to everyone. XOXO

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many expressions of meatloaf and holidays…..thanks for connecting the two!

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