Okay, this is weird. I signed into Typepad to discover they have a new dashboard page and are inviting me to "quick compose" in a little box in which the words look grey. Also the words are disappearing. where are they now?
Arrow keys. They are like magic, I guess.
But hitting return moves the cursor, not what I can see.
Have you ever noticed that some "improvements" aren't?

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  1. I think the feature is supposed to feel like Twitter. I’ll mull this over and write more about it tomorrow.

  2. Yes and just when I figure something out technologically speaking, they improve it and I dont know how to use it anymore…??!!!!!!UGH

  3. I would not like this. I now usually blog by first writing in longhand, then typing (editing as I go) on Windows LiveWriter, and then sending the draft to Blogger, with a final edit before it’s published. My best posts come that way. It seems to me Twitter is one thing (like Facebook status updates) and blogging is a different thing (like writing an essay, not to scare anybody….) They should not be the same.

  4. definitely, like for some reason Blogger’s “improved” interface no longer has a spell check function. With m marginal typing accuracy this is something I really miss

  5. That would make me crazy. Like Auntie Knickers, I’ve taken to composing blog entries off-line; I use Pages. I treat them like essays, with all the attendant precautions.
    Presently I have a trial version of something called WriteRoom. It has a dark background with letters and a blinking cursor, nothing more. I don’t like it at all and don’t plan to purchase it.

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