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A few things on my mind this Thursday night

  • Wow! Is it dark early.
  • City By the Sea lacks adequate street lights for dog-walking at this season of the year.
  • Dioramas (or mobiles or posters or fill-in-the-blank) to illustrate the use of a literary element in a short story are probably my least favorite thing among assignments my children have received over the years.
  • #1 Son, if you're reading, remember your "project" about "Catcher in the Rye?"
  • Somehow I have approximately six million items to write for the church newsletter.
  • Carrots steamed and then glazed with olive oil, salt, pepper and maple syrup are quite delicious. 
  • It's hard to leave home to teach Confirmation class when there's a project brewing.
  • But the way those 8th graders are committing to what we are studying gives me hope.
  • And reading Genesis 1-2:4a aloud in a circle with them, each reading a section and then another taking over, and then another, was a holy moment.
  • Coming home, I got good news from a friend about her health, and that was holy, too.
  • At home the project is well underway.
  • My daughter is a better artist than she will admit.
  • But I still don't like those diorama assignments.

7 thoughts on “A few things on my mind this Thursday night”

  1. Lastly, this new blog template clearly does not support “bullets,” since this is the second time they have disappeared from a post.

  2. I remember with loathing a diorama I had to do in fifth grade, when we were studying the states; I had Hawaii and made a surfer out of pipe cleaners. I can’t quite imagine a diorama illustrating the use of a literary element in a short story, and would love it if you posted a picture of the completed project. (Contest idea: don’t tell us what the story is and let us try to guess.)

  3. yay for daughter!!!
    plus, wishing for some Wesleyan cheese. Or whatever that sheep is called.
    love, love, love….

  4. I hate projects that become family events… I like to choose those myself thankyouverymuch.

  5. Seriously! That was a hard one for her to read and report on, and not helped by the fact that it was an independent book instead of a book read by the whole class.

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