Where You Are, Where I Am

Where you are the sun will come up in an

Where I am it rose an hour and a half ago.

Where you are, the work night will end.

Where I am, the work day begins.


In your temporary home you will sleep

While I create a space to read the Word.

Pieces of Bryce we snuck into our pockets,

Long ago, surround a candle on a cloth.


Hands on my shoulders, you walked me

to the edge of the canyon, my eyes closed

"Keep them closed," you

Hoping for the view to steal my breath.


No, not hoping, knowing it would,

Because it had for you, that odd

Orange landscape with hidden pinks,

The rocks porous, the shrubs dry.


Where I am, in the death of autumn,

We kick through the dry leaves while we

The remains of spring verdure and summer rain,

Crisp and cool, yellow and brown and fading


I tell you I've driven through snow.

It seems fantastical, where you are;

You make a joke. Where are you?

Two hours behind and forty hours drive.

8 thoughts on “Where You Are, Where I Am”

  1. wow. My beloved leaves for Argentina tomorrow. I wish I could write about his absences so well. I read with empathy and knowing of the longing.

  2. A poignant and evocative, lovely poem. Blessings as beauty comes from a quiet place.

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