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Why I Do This

  In the midst of probably the lowest blogging ebb I've had in the past five years, I received an email from one of my earliest blogging friends, Jody Harrington at Quotidian Grace, who will be writing an article about clergy bloggers who are also mothers. It was a great reminder of what blogging has meant to me over the years. I started blogging with 3 posts in 2003, then came back to it in the winter of 2004, but it was probably another year before it became a daily habit. I've done it at three blogs:

  • the defunct Blogger version with the non-pseudonymous lame title;
  • Set Free, to which I moved all the old posts, though I lost the comments;
  • and finally, Reflectionary.

Fall Break Apple Pie blog What does it mean that I've had a slump this fall? It's a combination of a very demanding job and children reaching an age where writing about our life together feels like over-exposure of their individual lives. I used to blog when we made a pie, but as blogging has declined overall, I don't know if anyone cares, whereas in 2004, when we made the pie in the picture, I didn't care if anyone knew!

And I'm not preaching every week, so I don't have the "need" to write as a sermon process.

But I think I do need it for other reasons. I need it as a spiritual discipline. I need it as a release valve. I need it as a place for processing. Sometimes I need it as a resource for feedback or affirmation or wisdom from others.

November is that month when people commit to write a novel, or a short story, or knit a sweater, or simply to blog everyday.

I'm more likely to be writing a Christmas pageant than a short story, and although I have a sweater on the agenda for a certain someone for a certain holiday upcoming, I think I'll choose the blog commitment and simply make it to myself.

10 thoughts on “Why I Do This”

  1. Lovely post! And I’m also digging the new formatting on your blog! I should be writing every day, for the exact reasons you mentioned. I keep thinking that I want to write more and perhaps even get more published, and yet the only thing I end up with at the end of the week is a sermon (no small potatoes, but still…)
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I’ll always gladly read whatever you blog, both for the content and your wonderful writing style.

  3. Thanks for helping, Songbird!
    I think a lot of us “old timers” in the blogging world are finding ourselves struggling with our blogs. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have anything new to say and it is hard to keep it up.
    I ditto Katharine and Sarah.

  4. Well, I still care about the pie! And a fine one it is, or was.
    Some weeks I feel like I have TOO MUCH to say, and don’t know where to start, so I don’t say anything. FB is probably the worst thing ever to happen to blogging, too.

  5. Zorra, I have to agree. We went from one community to another, but the new one is short bursts instead of long thoughts. Twitter is the same, only shorter. But I’ve made new friends on Twitter much the same way I did via blogging, and those words are now intertwining. Sarah, whose comment is above, first crossed my path in the Twitterverse, and now we “know” each other in all three formats. Hope to meet her in person someday!

  6. I love November because of its peace. . . the bare branches against the clear skies, and the breath after settling into school and life again but before December and its demands. At the same time, I do love a to-do list, and my brain perked up at the mention of “blog every day” or “knit a sweater in a month”. . . maybe I’ll practice my banjo every day?
    Or maybe I’ll just try to enjoy November.

  7. I always like pie! I for one love to read blogs, even when I am unable to take the time to comment it makes me feel connected to mothers, church workers, and friends in a way that I don’t always get to be in day to day life. Good luck!

  8. Loved this post. It does seem that there has been a drop in blogging among my friends, who are mostly RevGals. Me, too, which is why I started the ABC’s of gratitude, which are almost over. My daughter asked me, “What happens after Z?” So hopefully inspiration will hit. . . .

  9. Ditto on what’s been said about blogging and FB. I’ve signed on to NaBloPoMo again, hoping to get some energy back into my blog. Glad you’ll be blogging, too. I always love to read what you have to say.

  10. I am sort of in the same mode Songbird. I am finding, more and more, that I just don’t have anything to say most days, yet I continue to be drawn to sit down and let the posts just create themselves. I’ve resisted the massive invites to “friend” people elsewhere as I can’t juggle all three formats, and do any of them well. Yet, I see people still tune in every day to see what I am up to, and that is reassuring. So, I sit, and I write and create. I need it. It is an outlet, and a way to engage more fully in the world. I can’t imagine never having met wonderful people like you in this community.

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