A Peculiar Communication

LP avatar Friday I received the following email:

Xin chao, toi ten la Minh Canfield tu van phong Da Ngon Ngu cua Truong hoc
Portland. Toi goi dien de thong bao cho qui vi biet ve cuoc hoi thao dau tien
trong loat hoi thao cua Hoi Phu Huynh ma se to chuc vao thu Sau, ngay 23 thang
10 tu 9:15 den 11 sang tai Portland Adult Education o so 57 Douglass .

Chu de
cua hoi thao la
· Viec Lam Dung Ruou va Thuoc
· Bat dau mot cuoc noi
chuyen voi cac bac phu huynh
Day la mot chu de quan trong ma la tat ca cac
bac phu huynh cua thanh thieu nien can hieu biet.

Toi se co o do thong dich
cho qui vi neu qui vi can giup co thong dich. Hy vong se gap qui vi vao thu Sau,
ngay 23 thang 10 luc 9:15 den 11 sang.

(All followed by the usual boiler plate that comes with emails from the school system.)

Do you suppose this has anything to do with the fact that LP joined the Asian Student Association?

6 thoughts on “A Peculiar Communication”

  1. Per VDict.com, “Hello, my name is Minh Canfield from office multilingual school Portland. I called to inform you about conferences in the series of workshops dau tien cua Hoi Phu Huynh which will be held on Friday, 23 February 10 from 9:15 to 11 am in Portland Adult Education at 57 Douglass.
    Chu de la Workshop
    · Abuse alcohol and tobacco
    · Began a talk with parents
    This is an important topic that is all parents of young people had to know.
    I will have o do translation for you if you can help Interpreters. Hopefully you will meet on Friday, 23 to 10 at 9:15 den 11.”
    Hope her message comes out more clearly IRL or in Vietnamese!

  2. Thanks, MB! I think I have better call her and let her know we read English. Unless you think LP might have better scholarship options this way…

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