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Bye Bye BirdieTonight I caught up on a Fresh Air podcast from last week and heard the exciting news. The Roundabout Theatre Company is staging the first ever Broadway Revival of Bye Bye Birdie!!!

If you're anywhere close to my age, you've seen it and maybe even been *in* it, so please chime in via the comments and tell us:

1) When you first saw Bye Bye Birdie and where;

2) If you performed in it, who you played; and

3) What's your favorite song?

Bye bye birdie playbill  

Here are my answers.

1) I never saw it before I performed in it at Camp Alleghany in the summer of 1976 or so. It was an all-girl production, and I could still tell you the names of the stars. (But I'll spare them.)

2) I played Kim's friend, Ursula Merkel, which involved a lot of screaming and fainting.

3) Although I enjoyed performing Ursula's music and still remember it vividly, I must admit to adoring "Put on a Happy Face." It makes me happy.

(Even if they did change it around in the movie.)

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  1. LOL. I actually have only seen this once – the movie – and it was just a few months ago. It was a late Saturday night and my young son was just gearing up for his night of being awake after the day of sleeping (we were working on it, but it was slow going). I was tired and it started and he and I watched it all the way through.
    That being said, while I enjoyed it, I couldn’t tell you any specific song I liked, but I always enjoy Dick Van Dyke.

  2. senior year of high school (1998). I was in the pit orchestra, my best friend was Kim. 🙂 I think my favorite song is “Kids.” “Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way?” LOL.

  3. Junior high. I was not in it, but some of my friends were.
    And you know my favorite is “The Telephone Hour.”
    Does anybody “go steady” any more?

  4. I have to admit – I’ve never seen it in its entirety. I’ve seen bits & pieces of the movie over the years, or I’ve seen/heard some of the music performed in revues or variety shows. I guess my education is lacking.

  5. I saw it at Miller Outdoor Theatre in downtown Houston…I was in high school, we packed a picnic, it was grand. I love that “Kids” song!!
    Never been in it though…

  6. ummm, yeah, so I grew up in the western plains of north dakota in a tee tiny town, so we didn’t get nuthin’ like that. No drama/music theatre program, although we did have a chorus.
    Therefore, I have heard of Bye Bye Birdie, but have never seen it or been in it. I wish I had!!!

  7. Well, fortunately for the audience, I’ve never been in the play, but Cordeliaknits was Mae in her eighth-grade production and did a fantastic job. And my nephew, Most-Likely-Family-Member-to-Win-the-Nobel-Peace-Prize, was Conrad Birdie at our (now)local high school.

  8. The only time I’ve seen it was …. about eight years ago. It was a junior high production, and both of my two older kids were in it, as well as a bunch of their friends. It was a fun play because it involved so many kids.

  9. Oh, and…that eighth-grade production was the first stage one I’d seen, but I knew the music from radio play when the musical first came out. Favorite song for me is a toss-up between “Kids” and “Put on a Happy Face” — the latter is one my kids heard perhaps too often!

  10. well… we performed it in highscool in the eighties! i don’t remember my part… or the songs… i had a huge crush on the senior guy who played the lead *sigh*… when you’re 14, and he’s 17 but looks 25 and wears eyeliner even when he’s not on stage… my goodness! oh yes and drove the coveted trans-am… what’s not to fall in love with?

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