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Of Irresistible Bears

LP stayed after school yesterday for her first assignment as a cub reporter on the school newspaper. With her friend Island Girl, she covered the ribbon-cutting ceremony for new doors somewhere in or around the great mass of Downtown High School (which by the way is the same school as City By the Sea High School, which #1 Son attended; somehow I want it to have a different name this time). Riding the city bus home from school is working well when she takes it right after school, but an hour or so later, the people on it do not necessarily include high school students, and some of them are "creepy," so I offered to pick her up after the event.

Halloween bearista

On the way home we detoured to Starbucks, where I planned to touch nothing, since I still have a cough. But as we walked in we saw a basket full of these cute little guys, and before I realized what I was doing, I had my hands on one of them.

I mean, he was *really* cute.

LP narrowed her eyes at me. "You realize you've put swine flu on him."

"I guess we'll have to bring him home, then."

LP smiled triumphantly, saying, "That'll blog!"

8 thoughts on “Of Irresistible Bears”

  1. My husband has this same condition when it comes to little irresistible bears…we have somehow amassed a large collection of bears – yet don’t have enough grandchildren to pass them on to! This inability to pass up the cuties must be handed down from his dad, who always said, “Every child needs a teddy bear!” BTW, good call on the need to purchase Light Princess…wouldn’t want that swine flu bug passed on!

  2. Good for the cub reporter, knowing that the infected bear story would blog. Pun intended.
    How are you feeling?

  3. Oh the teddy bear lover in me is itching to rush out and grab one for myself. Must resist temptation! LP is pretty savvy!

  4. So cute! And I love it: “You’ve put swine flu on him.” It reminds me of that Cheerios commercial where the little boy wakes his parents up in the middle of the night to eat Cheerios by saying, “You’ve got to get some cholesterol off of you.” Hehe.

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