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I’m Not Afraid of It

The kingdom of heaven is like:

"It is an amazing time to work in TV," said "Mad Men" creator Matthew
Weiner. "And, I know that everything is changing, but I'm not afraid of
because I feel like all these different media is just more choice
and more entertainment. It's better for the viewers in the end and I'm
glad to be a part of it."

But how is that like the kingdom of heaven?

Just a short time ago, in the greater scheme of things, there were three broadcast networks and a few independent stations and PBS. As David Bianculli pointed out on Fresh Air earlier this week, the TV season hinged on the major Big Three auto makers and their advertisements, and the timing of one had everything to do with the production calendar of the other.

How is the kingdom of heaven like that?

We're all in the midst of change, like it or not. My actor son is happy to wait on tables and make interesting art with his friends. I wish he would go on auditions and get into a union for the health insurance, but that's my own anxiety about the future. The way we've always done things seems ready to implode. For some churches, it already has, whether or not the people involved feel ready to admit it.

But how is that like the kingdom of heaven?

LP and I are still watching Heroes, which is on one of those old school major networks. We've watched people fall from buildings and discover they can fly. We've seen them die and arise. We've seen them stop time and travel through it. We've seen the painful shifting of shapes.

The kingdom of heaven is like a person who says "Don't rely on things being as they were. Anticipate transformation. Expect it to be uncomfortable. Shift shape with it. Let go into it. It's better for all of us, in the end."

I'm not afraid of it.

(Well, not much.)

7 thoughts on “I’m Not Afraid of It”

  1. Interesting take on Heroes…I need to catch up with the last few episodes before getting into the new season.

  2. Sadly, # 1 Son may have it right about the union thing, whose vitality seems to be tracking that of the big three networks. As someone with my own twenty-something, I just pray for health care reform.

  3. Thanks for this message of hope. (And thank you so much for your words on my blog last week.)

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