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Thought for the Day

"The time will come when the Christian faith will have to fight for the right of way among crowding antagonists as vigorously as in the times of Athanasius and Augustine. And in thoughts like these all genuine Christians must rejoice. Without the call to high adventure, the faith has never flourished."

~Vida Scudder, 1912

(As cited in "A People History of Christianity," by Diana Butler Bass)

Mulling this over, friends.

7 thoughts on “Thought for the Day”

  1. currently reading the same book, as I will be attending a seminar Saturday with DBD as the keynote. Not very far into the book yet, but it has been a helpful diversion in my transition into unemployment. liminal space all around me, so to speak!

  2. I want to know who we are going to have to fight…because it seems lately that it is mostly each other.

  3. Hmmm, interesting mull.
    I’m chewing on this one tonight:
    “The greatness of Christianity lies in its being hated by
    the world, not in its being convincing to it.”
    ~St. Ignatius of Antioch

  4. Agreed…I think.
    Hard to decide which is scarier; complacency or crusading. We don’t seem to wear either particularly well, and groups of people seem largely unable to maintain a spirit of adventure for its own sake. We’re better at seeking security and power.
    But it’s an appealing idea!

  5. Seems to me “we” would do well to fight the anger around us with kindness, firm, but kind. I think of the guy who called into NPR during a discussion about “disrespecting our elected officials” …this caller from Canada said, “We here in Canada would never disrespect our elected officials like people are doing here.” Or something like that…point being. “We” can be better. We can be about something more. That’s enough for me to fight for…oh wait, I’ve been doing that…and look where it got me…sigh.

  6. I love this quote! It’s always good to remember that the struggle has not just begun recently; that it’s been happening for ages.

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